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Our Promise

Our Promise:  Do What Is Best for Our Client...Period!

Our promise and commitment to each and every one of our clients is simple and do what is in the best and highest interest of our clients...period!  

"I have actually heard financial advisors talk about classifying their client base into three strata, 'A Clients', 'B Clients', and 'C Clients'.   Those designations are established based on selective criteria such as amount of investable assets or net worth for the purpose of determining how much time and attention the advisor intends to spend with those respective clients.  'A Clients are given preferential attention and effort.  'B & C Clients' take their places somewhere down the line.  The fact is, this whole process is ultimately about what best serves the advisor and his/her income...not what is necessarily in the best interest of the client.  

THIS IS NOT RIGHT!  Everyone who elects to work with us is an 'A Client'...Period!"  --Dr. Allen Rumble

 Our beginnings go back to the late 1960's.  From the start, we have operated as independent advisors.  Unlike "captives" who represent particular companies, we are not tied to nor beholden to any provider companies, nor are we limited to only certain products.  We will not be touting any company's lastest NBI (Next Big Idea) nor attempting to somehow conform our clients to fit their lastest investment or product.  We shall always put the client's interest first.